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Scarboro Hills Random Doubles

Every Wednesday 5:30pm

During Daylight Saving Time

Scarboro Hills Wednesday Night Doubles Rules and Procedures


1. Price to Play- The price to participate in Tuesday Night Doubles (TND) is $2.00 per person.


2. Tuesday Night Doubles Procedures- When you sign in for doubles, the Doubles Coordinator (DC) will take your first and last name, your $4.00 entry fee, your ace pot $1.00 (optional), and a mini. When everyone is signed in the DC will put all the minis in a bag. He/she will first pull one mini out of the bag and the person whose mini was drawn picks the pads for that round. That mini will be put back in the bag. The DC will then pull two minis at a time to make the teams. If there are an odd number of players, the last mini pulled will have the choice to play doubles by themselves or to play Cali.

  • If you choose to play doubles by yourself, you must pay an additional $2.00

  • If you choose to play Cali, you only get one extra throw per hole.


3. Tuesday Night Doubles Rules of play- Players will go out in a group no bigger than 3 teams for speed of play. Scarboro Hills plays “Best Shot” doubles. This allows the team to decide which of there lies give them the best chance for success. The team can pick to throw from one of their lies or if you like your shot....your partner likes his/hers....go for it! At the end of the round the score will be turned into the DC for checking. The team with the lowest score wins and splits the entry fees.


4. Tuesday Night Doubles Ace Pot- If you put in a $1.00 and you hit an ace that round, you receive half the ace pot. The ace pot will get no bigger then $200.00. At that time it will be split up as follows

  • $100 stays in pot

  • $50 goes to end of year payouts

  • $25 will go to the Scarboro Hills Disc Golf Club for maintenance

  • $25 will go to a Closest to Pin (CTP) contest the following week


5. Closest to Pin Competition- To be eligible for the CTP contest you must have been in the ace pot once in-between CTP’s.


6. End of the Year Payouts- The payouts will be determined by wins over the doubles season. If there are players who are tied with wins, the tie breakers are-

  • Lowest score of the year

  • Best Overall average

  • Playoff

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