Harford County Disc Golf Club

The Harford County Disc Golf Club was brought together to raise awareness of the sport through various activities. In doing so, we can hopefully get more courses in the area. Other goals are to help maintain all of Harford's courses and run more tournaments. Yearly membership fee is $30. If you would like to join, click on the "Become a Member" button at left. Please be aware that the website will try to get you to subscribe to their own premium membership. Read all the checkboxes carefully.


Board Members
  • President- Steve Campbell

  • Vice President-  Rob Hill

  • Secretary- Ryan Sokolis

  • Treasurer- Mike Campbell


Other Contacts

Club Meetings

All club meetings start at 7:15pm and held in the new Churchville Rec Building located at:
3023 Level Road
Churchville, MD 21028