Street, Maryland

18 + 2 X-holes

Established in 2004, Scarboro Hills Disc Golf Course is a public park owned by Harford County. This park is solely used for disc golf, providing for a serene setting. It has rolling hills played through woods and open fields. Good variety and elevation changes make this course a lot of fun. Tees use the Fly 18 rubber pads and baskets are DGA Mach 3.

Churchville, Maryland

18 holes

Established in 2018, Mill Brook Disc Golf Course is located at Churchville Rec Center, on Level Rd. The course has 18 holes playing mostly through the woods, with a few out in the open field. Every hole has two tee pads and two baskets, providing four unique layouts to allow all skill levels to enjoy.

Churchville, Maryland

6 holes

Established in 2011, the "Churchville 6" Disc Golf Course is a beginner/practice course designed, funded, and installed by the members of the SHDGC. It provides a fair and easy design for people to learn and practice their games.

Aberdeen, Maryland

6 holes

A six hole beginners course in the city of Aberdeen. Located in a small park, with flat terrain. Short holes mixed with well aged trees, provide a fun course no matter your skill level.

Havre de Grace, Maryland

18 holes
Temporary Course

This is a temporary course that gets setup about once a year for special events. Mostly open fields navigating rolling hills with corn/soy fields playing out of bounds. Overlooks the Chesapeake Bay. There are no baskets or teepads, except for the day of an event.

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