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August 29, 2009

Scarboro Hills


Thanks to everyone who came and filled this event (72 players). Would like to thank DOFitness for being onsite and helping with the payouts. Hope all the ams enjoyed being able to pick their own prizes from the traveling pro shop. Would like to thank all our sponsors listed on right that added $240 to the pro payout.


Would also like to thank Harford County Parks and Rec for allowing us to do so much work to the course to get it ready for the tournament. Especially want to thank Jeff, Dave, Steve, Josh, Matt, John, Brian, and Mark for everything they did to help out this event.



Dynamic Discs square.png
Disc Outfitters square.png
Innovative Contracting
Auto Eurotec
Dave and Matt Dietz
Jeff Ramer
The May Family
The Simonetti Family
Homestead Wakefield Elementary School Staff
George Brown
Lewis Graninger
Roscoe the Dog
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