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To help the Mason/Dixon Food Bank


1st round in the day /2nd round at night (Glow)


Cost: $15.00 and 2 cans or more of food or $20.00


Registration:           11:30-12:30

Players meeting:    12:45

1st round starts:     1:00


1ST Round: 3 Disc Classes 2 Divisions (Advanced and Intermediate)

  • Class 1: 150g only (we will check)

  • Class 2: Putters only

  • Class 3: any disc you want


1st place winners will be paid out for each division

2nd and 3rd place will get club merchandise


2nd Round: Glow in the dark…… at Sunset

Top Pair will get paid out club merchandise


Players Pack: lights and batteries for glow

and something else…..


Between rounds we will have a ring of fire, We invite you to bring food to share and there will be a grill to cook on, Bring discs to trade, swap or sell.


Contact Don Simonetti @ 443-966-4534


October 25, 2014 @ Scarbor Hills

Results have not been submitted for posting

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